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  • 50Lines! - Kazong Mini Game 50 LinesClick as fast as possible through 50 boxes.
    Test your reaction and finger speed. A skill-game where every second counts
  • Number Burst - Kazong Brain Game Number BurstClick in ascending order! Prove your mental ability.
    Challenge your mind. A brain-teaser that boosts brain development
  • PicsUP - Kazong Quiz Game PicsUpGuess the image by revealing cards! But be aware of your score. Strategy counts!
    One Category and a Picture hidden behind cards. Reveal the picture card by card and guess the word by the provided letters.
  • Bier Quiz - Kazong Quiz Game Beer QuizBeers from all over the world! Which of them did you drink already?
    Beer-related questions for beer enthusiasts - Guess the beer of every nation in the world. Cheers!
  • CountUP - Kazong Brain Game CountUPSelect and combine neighbouring numbers to the next higher one. Try and get up to 10!
    A Number puzzle for everyone. Tap on neighbouring tiles with same the number so they will pop up. Tap again and they will merge on the position you tap. Try to get 10 ... or even higher!
  • Flaggen Quiz - Kazong Quiz Game Flags QuizDo you know the flag of the Bahamas?
    Guess the country by its national flag. Refresh your memory of national flags and you'll learn beautiful flags of exotic countries as the Bahamas or Belize.
  • Quiz - Kazong Quiz Game Quiz1 Question und 4 Answers!
    Politics, Movies, Geography … and more Categories to play against your friend!
    Test your knowledge and challenge your friends. Choose quize and play questions from various categories. You can even submit your own questoins and shape the kazong quiz world. The best pratise for you taking part on who's gonna be the millionaire
  • Memory - Kazong Brain Game MatchUPFind the matching images. Watch out - your friend might be faster!
    The object is to match pairs of cards in as little moves as possible. When cards are turned over, it is important to remember where they are for when the matching card is turned up later in the game.
  • True or False - Kazong Quiz Game True or False?Choose the correct statement. Find out whether it is an astounding fact or just a misstatement.
    Decide whether the statement is right or wrong
  • Colored Dots - Kazong Mini Game Color DotsConnect same colored Dots. Be strategic - Dots connected to squares will clear the field!
    Connect same colored dots to make a line, or connect four dots to make a square.
  • Memorize - Kazong Brain Game MemorizeLots of circles. Lots of colors. One click and everything turns grey ... Do you remember where orange was?
    Memorize the colors of the dots. Choose your color. Identify the chosen colored dots


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